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Client Comments

  • “Barbara is the Rembrandt of lighting.” — Jack Knox, Chairman, Sixx Holdings, Inc.
  • “The lighting consulting for the exterior lighting (gardens, trees, pathways, etc.) is world-class. The new lighting totally transforms the experience. I’m taking notes and plan on taking the lighting scheme home.” — Guest in Awe
  • “When you walk into a space lit by Bouyea & Associates, you immediately want to change into a nicer outfit.” — Richard Brayton, FAIA, Principal, Brayton Hughes Design Studios
  • “She’s probably the most talented person in the field. Everything she does is always so complete. You get a set of her plans and they’re the most professional-looking and precise drawings you’ve ever seen.” — Billy McCloud, Owner, McCloud Electric
  • “Happily, Bouyea & Associates participation and lighting design significantly contributes to the overall success of each project. They possess a sophisticated ability to interact with Owners, Operators, Architects, Interior Designers, Landscape Architects and Art Consultants to identify the key design concepts and priorities. Woking collaboratively with the overall design team, Bouyea & Associates is able to not only develop highly effective lighting design, but also positively influence other fundamental aspect of each project design. In essence, they help all the design consultants do a better job and create more successful projects” — Douglas Atmore, Hart Howerton