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About Bouyea & Associates

Lighting design is a science and an art. Bouyea & Associates is a team of experienced designers and technicians. We design lighting to evoke the emotional response, we don’t just calculate the requirements. Barbara and her team have more than 25 years of experience in the lighting industry. Nothing is left to chance. We research, design, coordinate and supervise through all stages from the concept to final installation. There are few situations Bouyea & Associates has not encountered, few complications not solved and few techniques not mastered. Bouyea & Associates drawings and specifications exceed expectations. It is this attention to detail that have won Bouyea & Associates the respect of many repeat clients, developers, contractors and manufacturers.

Bouyea & Associates clients share our desire for an extraordinary and reassuring experience. Our vision is about excellence, beauty and perfection. Barbara stays intimately involved in every aspect of the project and her staff ensure the vision is implemented flawlessly. Once Architects, Designers, Owners and our residential Clients have experienced our rewarding design process, they continue to return.